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Industrial & customized lining

  • - Suitable for oily or dry condition according to consumer need
  • - Research, survey and produce all different kinds of pad which used in excavation industry
  • - Produced all kind of gear linings in different formulation
  • - Certified formulation design, as well as, variety of raw materials empower Jahan Tormoz to customize the production
  • - High quality production according to customer and OEM  needs which contain the factors such as hardness, porosity, density, thermal conductivity, life time (wear rate), product standard classification and etc. with respect to time limit
  • - Industrial & customized lining include following divisions:
  • Flat sheet
  • Roll lining

       Flat sheet

  • - Production all kind of industrial flat sheet up to 50*50 cm
  • - The thickness is from 3 to 55 mm
  • - In different formulation in order to consume in different fields